Iran Repeats Demand from Romania to Clarify Aspects of Ex-Judge's Death

2020-06-28 19:00:00
"The issue has some ambiguities. Despite (our) demands, the Romanian government has not yet cleared the issue. The foreign ministry, Iran's mission, Judiciary and the Interpol are pursuing the issue ...

How the Mail solved mystery of Sir Richard Branson's stolen family photo: Memento taken in raid at tycoon's children's 200-acre estate are found in a house in Romania

2020-06-28 17:24:00
When police investigating an international burglary gang found a haul of stolen items in a house in Romania, they had no idea who the valuables belonged to.

Exclusive: What Fugitive Iran Judge Told A Court In Romania Before His Mysterious Death

2020-06-27 18:44:00
The fugitive Iranian judge Gholamreza Mansouri who was found dead in suspicious circumstances at a Bucharest hotel on June 19, had told an extradition hearing in Romania that the corruption charges ...

Romania: FETO school manager to be tried with bribery

2020-06-27 18:11:00
Manager at Bucharest FETO-linked school accused of bribing former deputy mayor with €65,000, officials say - Anadolu Agency ...

Romania Leads the Way in Unibet Poker European Bounty Cup

2020-06-27 11:00:00
Unibet Poker players from across Europe have been enjoying the bounty tournament action and international rivalries present in the Unibet Poker European Bounty Cup, that offers players the chance to ...

Romania detains 'largest forger of plastic banknotes in the world'

2020-06-27 04:34:00
The world's largest forger of plastic banknotes has been detained in Romania, officials say. The man was allegedly leading a gang that began its activity in 2014 and produced 17,000 fake 100 RON (€22) ...

People watch outdoor play in Bucharest, Romania

2020-06-26 18:43:00
People watch an outdoor play in Bucharest, Romania, on June 26, 2020. According to the government hygienic regulations to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor shows, public and private festivals are ...

Coronavirus: Test Shows Romania Imported Non-compliant Masks

2020-06-26 11:12:00
Masks delivered to Romanian hospitals under a procurement contract that saw corruption charges being raised against the head of a state owned-company do not comply with safety standards, experts told ...

A New Gender Identity Law Could Be Disastrous for Trans Youth in Romania

2020-06-26 09:29:00
Two senators from Romania’s Popular Movement Party recently drafted a law that will make talking about gender identity in schools and universities illegal. Specifically, the law bans "any activity ...